Welcome to The Gin Ginnery.

We are an independent artisan producer of flavoured gin established in Lancashire, England, by two fruity friends with a taste for the occasional G&T.

Inspired by our love of the outdoors and the natural resources available to us, we select every fruit, herb and plant by hand, often enduring the rugged wilderness of the West Pennine Moors as we go!

We hope you love our gin as much as we do.


The Gin Ginnery bottle


The Gin Ginnery Rhubarb Flavour No.1

Flavour No.1

One of our favourite flavours, best served over ice with ginger ale. Excellent alone as an aperitif, or for a refreshing long drink with tonic water.

The Gin Ginnery Blackberry and Apple Flavour No.2

Flavour No.2

Blackberry and Apple
We have found this particular flavour goes well with sparkling apple presse, but is delicious with tonic water or even straight up over ice.

The Gin Ginnery Raspberry Flavour No.3

Flavour No.3

Add a splash to a glass of Prosecco for a delicious treat. Or serve the old fashioned way, over ice with tonic water and fresh lime for a refreshing burst of delicious flavour.

The Gin Ginnery Rhubarb and Ginger Flavour No.4

Flavour No.4

Rhubarb and Ginger
Over ice with fresh lime and tonic is the perfect way to serve this drink, however the depth of flavour can be enhanced when served with ginger ale.

The Gin Ginnery Spicy Gingerbread Flavour No.5

Flavour No.5

Spicy Gingerbread
A fantastic flavour to warm you up this winter. We recommend serving with a slice of orange, the choice whether to add tonic water or not is yours.

The Gin Ginnery Strawberry and vanilla Flavour No.6

Flavour No.6

Strawberry and Vanilla
To be served with ice and fresh strawberries and the odd basil leaf to if you like. We find that it mixes well with tonic water, lemonade or try with cream soda for a sweet treat!

The Gin Ginnery Pea shoot and Mint Flavour No.7

Flavour No.7

Pea shoot and Mint
Best served with ice, fresh mint and tonic water. A truly delicious combination of flavours that makes for a fabulous summer drink.

The Gin Ginnery Special Editions

Special Edition

Hot Chilli
We have created this for those who like their drinks to come with a kick!

All our flavours are infused with London Dry Gin, alcohol 37.5% volume and contain only natural ingredients



Roundhay Park, Leeds

22-23 July


We aim to be making online sales later in 2017 but in the meantime please feel free to get in touch — we welcome email queries/orders!

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